Dr Tharun


I am from Andhra Pradesh, India

Interest in Apologetic evangelism has led to joining the Connect. I am also an RCCA, India alumni (batch 38)

My objective is “learning to question and learning from questions”


Hi Tharun and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. I love you objective of wanting to learn to question and to learn from questions. This is a great community to be able to learn more from each other and so please feel welcome to join into the discussions and to pose any questions that you may have.

God bless


Thank you for coming alongside of us at connect @tharun. We are glad you are here. I hope that you enjoy the discussions and I hope that you are able to engage in some. O God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @tharun, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will find connect to be helpful in your learning process. As you browse and glean, feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and insight as well :pray:t3:
Take care

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Hello, Tharun! I have traveled to India 3 times. I have not been to Andhra Pradesh. I have traveled in West Bengal. I had never had a desire to go to India, but a friend invited me to go with her. The moment I arrived, God gave me a supernatural love for the people of India. I am new to this group like you. I look forward to learning together! Blessings.


Hey Dr. @tharun, I love your objective! :slight_smile: Welcome to the connect!

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