Dragoi Flavius

Hello everybody!

I am an 18 y.o. from Romania, East-Central Europe. I am currently in high school, I work as a freelancer in web development, while preparing for the admission exam for college. I am glad to have been invited to this platform. It is a great opportunity to not only grow intellectually, but also spiritually when reading all the post related to apologetics. It’s a genuine blessing to read, ask and search for answers to hard question.
Thank you for reading the post! See you soon!


@Flavius.Dragoi Nice to meet you!

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Hi @Flavius.Dragoi,

Welcome to Connect, your in high school :school_satchel: and a freelance web developer, that is exciting.

Connect is a hospitable, friendly, thought provoking, platform, so ask away :exclamation:

We look forward to your questions and your responses. :sunflower:


Welcome aboard @Flavius.Dragoi. Glad to have you joining us. I pray that your endeavors educationally are rewarding and successful. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @Flavius.Dragoi, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: You have a lot going on. I admire your discipline and I pray the Lord will bless you throughout your endeavors :pray:t3: Enjoy whatever time you have to spend here. I trust you will will continue to learn and grow as you browse through the conversations.