(Marijan) #1

I have been reading book of Matthew especially the part when Joseph received a message in his dream that his son will be named Jesus. Then I got to thinking. Does anyone have a clue on what dreams are? Does the scripture say anything about dreams? And why don’t we have free will in our dreams. It just seems to me that dreams are a purpose of influence. So many people wake up on the wrong side of the bed due to dreams. If dreams are not that important then why do we make troubled choices during the day allowing the dreams to affect us? I believe people are fascinated by dreams but I don’t really here any specific discussion on why. Any thoughts or direction? Thank you!

(SeanO) #2

@mtolj My personal take on dreams is that they are just ways that our brains defragment - like when your computer cleans up the way its using its hard drive space - or some similar type of operation (though I could be quite wrong here). But there is no doubt that in the Bible dreams can be influenced by the spiritual realm. I like the following article, which points out that:

  • dreams are not God’s normal way of communicating to us
  • if we really had a dream from God, we would know it - there would be no question
  • dreams can be ways of getting our attention / alerting us, but the Word is the most sure guide

As the events we don’t understand fill up the bag we carry behind us, we are well served to fill our minds with the Bible. In the all-sufficient Scriptures God has given us everything we need to know him, love him, and faithfully serve him in this life. The stuff we don’t understand may get our attention, but it best serves us when it drives us back to the more sure Word.