Duane Warren

Hello! I have been following Christ for 45 years now. I gave my life to our Lord at a Nicki Cruze event that was born out of his book, Run Baby Run. I was 13 years old. My walk didn’t really get traction until I was in my early 30’s. Like many, the early years were following Christ from a distance. I compare it to Peter following Christ to His crucifixion, but at a distance. I always had Christ in sight.

I am from west Michigan, however, I have been living in Germany for the past 10 years working for the Dept. of Defense.

What lead me to join this site was that more and more of my research was leading me to RZIM ministry material. I’ve purchased all of his books and have grown exponentially in my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word as a result. I am surrounded by secularism, naturalism, and atheism and pray to present an intelligent argument for Christianity.

I have spent years studying the antiquities of many people groups as well as the sciences of geology, climatology, and astrology in order to piece together the writings and physical earth events of the Old Testament with other ancient writings and physical earth events. I believe these studies have lead me to a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the human experience of those days.


Welcome aboard @DuaneL. Good to hear from a fellow michigander. I hope Germany has been treating you OK in this pandemic culture. I hope you enjoy your time here. There are so many very good questions answered here and discussions.God-bless you and your journey.

Thank you Kel! I am excited for the opportunity to be taught through the fellowship and thoughts of my brothers and sisters in Christ. My life hasn’t changed too much during this pandemic. I still go into my office each day on base. My wife teaches middle school on base, so of course she is now teaching from home. We live in a small village off base. Even this brief interaction with you has quickened my spirit! Thanks again!


Hello Duane, God bless you for the service to our Country. Did Nicky share his testimony during the crusade? Thanks for wanting to reach those many peoples with the Gospel of truth. Looking to further engagement with you as learn from each other and our fellow members.


Hi, Mike. Yes Nicky did share his testimony. I also had read the book prior to his coming. His testimony was so incredibly powerful and I remember that day as if it happened yesterday. I will never forget what God did through him for my life. I look forward to learning and sharing on this platform. I look forward to meeting you and all of the others seeking God and the Truth. Thank you so much for writing!



Hey Duane, I am grateful that you see your context as an opportunity for identifying with Jesus and being on mission.

Please consider the RZIM Connect community as your free, personal team of research assistants who are willing to come alongside you in prayer and study as you engage in loving, respectful, prayerful outreach.

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Thank you so very much Carson. I am so anxious to broaden my understanding of God’s Word and to receive the prayers of my family in Christ. In just this short time of participating in this ministry I have been truly blessed. The welcomes have been warm and genuine. I already feel that “home” has become larger for me. Thank you again.


That is truly wonderful to read… my heart is marveling and thanking God that this can be an experience of God’s people walking together in encouragement.

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