Duration of the plague

Question. Over how many days, weeks or perhaps months did plagues last. When Moses went to pharaoh again and again and plagues ensued it had to be weeks or months before he agreed to let the Israelite go. Do you have a sense for the duration from when Moses approached pharaoh to the point he agreed to let them go?

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Hello @Kbarnes011 good question. From what we can gather from the bible we only have the duration of 3 plagues. The first plague lasted for 7 days Exodus 7:25, the 9th lasted for 3 days Exodus 10:21-23, and the 10th plague was for one night Exodus 12:29-31. All the other to my knowledge the Bible doesn’t give information on how long they lasted so most can only speculate at best.

Here’s a small article of one individual who believes they lasted in total 5 to 6 months possibly. Here’s a quote from the site.

We do know several facts for sure. First, the Bible says in (Ex 7:7) that Moses was 80 years old when the 10 plagues started after he spoke to Pharaoh. After the plagues were done, and Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go, they wandered in the desert for 40 years (Num 14:33-34, 32:13). Moses died at the end of the 40 years at the age of 120 (Deut 34:7). Therefore, if Moses was 80 at the start, wandered 40 years, and died at 120, the plagues had to have ended in under a year.

That’s the writers reasoning behind it being 5 to 6 months. But I do believe that knowing what the 10 plagues meant is a bit more important than how long they lasted. The reason why is because it’s repeatedly said that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Meaning God was in control of the timing as well.

The site Got questions explains the purpose of the 10 plagues and what God was conveying to the people of Israel and Egypt. God wanted to show them all but especially Israel that he was the one true God and he alone had the power to save them from Pharaoh and no other gods could compare to him. Each plague was basically a slap in the face of the false gods that were worshipped in Egypt.

Hope this helps. God bless :blush: