Duwara Dogara

Hi, am happy to be here

I am from, Jos, Nigeria

Got your advert from one of your radio messages

I hope to learn and contribute my own part


Ooh yes! And welcome! Dogara @Duwara I am so pleased to meet you here. Hope you are doing great and Jos is doing good too.

Congratulations for joining us @Connect family. Be sure to explore the community to learn more. Be free to ask your questions, share your prayer request and testimonies and also join the conversation anytime.
Grace and Peace be yours
From Kaduna


Welcome aboard @Duwara. Glad you have joined us here at connect. I see that you already met @WorshipGod. Please participate as much as you were able. I think you will be blessed by the discussions you find here. God-bless you and your journey.

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@Duwara Nice to meet you!

Happy you are here also Duwara, diverse opinions, answers help in many situations here at connect, I know it has for me. Look forward to yours.

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Welcome to Connect @Duwara!