Ed Schneider

(A. Edward Schneider) #1

Say hello…Hello Thank you for the invitation.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?

(A. Edward Schneider) #2

Hello all, I hope I passed the audition.

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #3

Welcome aboard @edschneider9. Glad to have you “auditioning.” Just kidding – no auditions at all. Just hoping that you enjoy the forums and find your time here helpful and enjoyable. If you have questions or just want to surf some of the categories for you own edification, please do so. What brought you to connect? God bless you and your time here.

(Sieglinde) #4

Hi @edschneider9, you said hello so you passed! :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome! Check out the various topics and plug in.

(Quincy Bulla ) #5

Hey… Glad to digitally meet you

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(Heidi Mitchell) #6

Hi @edschneider9 !
Should we call you Edward? Not sure if you go by the name beginning with “A” :relaxed:

Glad you’ve joined us. Enjoy your time exploring in Connect!

(A. Edward Schneider) #7

That is the old Beatle quote from their final album.

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(A. Edward Schneider) #8

My full name is Andrew Edward Schneider. Dad was Andy already, so at some point my mom decided to use my middle name. She called me Eddie. childhood fiends sometimes too. Question: I have the uploads of this months conference, and had a hard time playing them on the site, should I go directly to you youtube site instead?

(A. Edward Schneider) #9

Same here. Please keep me in prayer as the Lord has turned up the heat another notch. Please, for courage and more clarity. I know that he does his best work when we are isolated. It isn’t fun. I don’t have to understand why or what, I guess for now, all I can do is put one foot in front of the other, and I’ll go where I go, and thats it. I’m sort of like a mushroom, I’m kept in the dark. (joke) funny?

(Quincy Bulla ) #10

I will be praying for you Bros

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(Heidi Mitchell) #11

Hi Eddie! @edschneider9
Maybe Kathleen @KMac can help you with your uploaded conferences question… sorry you’re having trouble with that!

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(Kathleen) #12

Hi, @edschneider9! The talks are not on YouTube that I am aware of, but they do look like they’ve been uploaded to Vimeo. Though I’m pretty sure they’re not public files; they’re most likely locked or private. @CarsonWeitnauer, is there any other way to watch the videos outside of this site? :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #13

Hi @edschneider9,

I’m sorry for the trouble you had!

Registered participants, like yourself, can watch all the archived videos here: https://connect.rzim.org/t/2019-clc-all-archived-talks/16779

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(A. Edward Schneider) #14

Thanks Carson, I’ll try your link.

(A. Edward Schneider) #15

Thanks again, as I was able to watch the video without difficulties. I love great writing, and would like to put a face to the style of writing/writers that attracted me. To wit, I was hoping to see Margaret Manning, Jill Catalino, one, or both of them. Thanks again for the help.

(Carson Weitnauer) #16

Hi @edschneider9, I understand! They’re both great people. :slight_smile:

You can see a video of Margaret in the Understanding and Answering Atheism 2017 conference and Jill is part of a panel discussion in The Greatest Story Ever Told conference.

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