Say hello… Hello

Where are you from? Texas

What led you to join Connect? The content tonight

How do you hope to contribute? Just looking around.


@edlara67 Hi Eduardo, Weclome to Connect! So pleased you came to join us this evening! I hope you will be encouraged and find more great conversations to challenge and equip you here in this community!


Welcome aboard @edlara67. Glad you introduced yourself. How’s Texas this time of year? I hope you enjoy the conference and I truly hope you enjoyed the engagement here at connect. Do explore some of the categories. God-bless you and your journey.

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@edlara67 Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Connect Eduardo! That is a beautiful baby that you are pictures with on you profile. I hope you find this forum a good place to learn about different topics. The people here are gracious and there are so many different and valuable perspectives lending insight to the conversations. God bless you!


Hi Eduardo, so good to meet you. Hope you find all that you are looking for? Be encouraged and inspired as you search the site.

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