Effective Approach of Evangelism

What is the most effective approach in evangelizing a lesbian(especially if she’s a dear relative)

Hello @Leny_Abawan Thank you for your question and I appreciate the obvious love and concern you have for your family member. Thank you also for your patience in waiting to have your post answered.

I think with any person it starts with our personal walk with the Lord. Praying for the ones that God has put in our path so He can guide us into what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Another thing I have found helpful before talking to people is, asking myself questions for examination. Depending upon how these are answered, this gives clues going forward.

  1. What kind of a relationship do I have with this person? Are we on great terms, don’t know each other well, or just acquaintances?

  2. What do I sense this person’s ‘spiritual temperature’ to be? or do I know what it is? Would she be receptive to hearing or talking about God? ambivalent? completely opposed or closed to the topic? hostile?

  3. Any incidences or things from her past that have led to choosing this lifestyle? Are any of those things - according to her perspective - in any way related to something she ties in with God, a father or a father figure?

I do realize instead of answering your question, the majority of this post was spent on asking questions. :slightly_smiling_face: My hope is that it would help you to figure out a good starting point and approach for a successful and fruit bearing conversation.

I welcome your thoughts and interaction. Thank you again for your post.

Grace and peace,
Mary Beth