Effective Bible study📖📝

How do I effectively read the word of God as a Christian?

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@Lily3 Welcome and great question :slight_smile: I think effective Bible study involves the following important steps in addition to praying to the God to lead you into all wisdom and understanding through His Spirit:

  1. Understand the big picture of the Bible. What is its purpose and who are the main characters? Bible overview resources are great for this purpose. You want to understand timeline and where different books fit into that timeline.
  2. When studying a specific Bible passage or verse, first start by understanding where that book of the Bible fits into the big picture - who, what, where, when, and why. That will help you understand the purpose / reason God moved the author of that book to write it.
  3. Always read passages in context. When trying to understand a verse, make sure to read the chapters before and after it, as well as understanding the purpose of the book as a whole and its place in history.

Below is a thread with some more resources / suggestions. I especially recommend The Bible Project for overviews of the Bible and Bible books, and Gordon Fee’s book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.



Great question, Lily @Lily3.
Lots of people choose lots of different ways to study the Bible. One person’s way may not be what you enjoy, and another’s still, not effective. I can share with you how I enjoy reading Scripture, but it might be too detailed for you. So, what can be some basics?

You should make use of your computer. Try selecting a specific book of the Bible…maybe start with the Book of John. As you read, you might find a subject you don’t know about. So, Google the verse and see what Bible-based commentaries come up. Or, you might look for a specific word and ask the Greek meaning. Bible Hub does a great job of text analysis. There are also so many different trusted speakers/organizations you can also find online who who have articles on different passages or topics.
If there is something new you haven’t heard before, write it down so you can remember and refer to. As you start making discoveries in Scripture, you can think about how they apply to your life. Perhaps, it’s the answer to a question, or just something you want to share.
If I’m doing my devotional, I like to read the whole chapter instead of the particular verse it refers me to. That way I get context and further enlightenment.
These are just a couple of ways I enjoy reading Scripture.
You might enjoy finding a devotional book on a topic and follow Scripture through the book’s study guide. You might want to start from the beginning of the Bible and read it in its entirety. There are so many different ways.

Mostly, my advice is to know your learning style—how do you like to learn other subjects other than the Bible? What do you enjoy about learning those subjects? What makes them interesting to study? Apply this same learning style to reading Scripture. If you have a rote way of studying the Bible, it may not be interesting or enjoyable for you. So, discover how you like to learn and start reading Scripture that way. It will be much more exciting for you than following someone else’s pattern.
Many people treasure the richness and depths of the Psalms or Proverbs. You can start there.
The most important thing you want to keep in mind when reading is that you are discovering who God, the Father, is; who Jesus is; who the Holy Spirit is. Then, incorporate what you learn into your personal life. From there, you can enjoy going in many directions. Always, ask the Lord to illumine you before you read. You’ll be surprised what He will show you.
Hope this has been helpful.


Wow thank you soo much this is very helpful.
That I should know my learning style that’s very profound. I like that, most importantly I should keep in mind that I am discovering who God, the Father, is; who Jesus is; who the Holy Spirit is.

Thank you for this answer @sgewehr :white_heart:

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Thank you so much for your answer and also for the materials to study the word I appreciate God bless you @SeanO

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