Elaine Tay


I am Elaine from Singapore. I would love to learn more about the faith from different ones. Hopefully I’ll not just be another lurker-reader. I do have busy periods and lull ones at work so hopefully I can still contribute/participate!



Welcome to Connect, Elaine. :smiley: We welcome all forms of participation- reading, asking, and answering. Over time, I trust you will see our community is welcoming and grace-filled as we show Christ not only what we answer but in how we answer. Looking forward to hearing from you more. (Although I do totally understand being quiet personally. :wink:)

What line of work do you do?


Welcome Elaine! Did you just finish the Core Module?
My schedule changes, too. Summers are short and intense with more time to participate on the internet after the sun sets in the winter. Look forward to hearing and learning from you when you have the time!

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Welcome aboard @tikva. Glad you connected. Lurk all you want. :smile: we just want you with us. You can learn from many about their faith journey. Check out Testimony if you haven’t yet. Participate as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @tikva from Singapore! Welcome. It’s okay to be a lurker-reader, thats how we learn. Look forward to you input where and when that may be :slightly_smiling_face: