Hi: My name is Elaine.

I’ve lived in Upstate New York for many years. Although, I was born not far from New York City I have always been more of a country gal. I like the quiet, the beauty of nature, and the slower pace which matches my more contemplative nature.

I received an email in June regarding the “Behind Every Question” challenge and desired to take part in it but procrastinated as is my wont. To be honest, I hoped that it would help me to be better equipped to understand friends who have a different political stance than me as we move closer to the presidential election here in the U.S. However, I have long wanted to develop the courage and compassion to share my faith with others in a meaningful way, and to that end I have thought about taking the Core Module course. I hope to, on the Connect forums, pose questions as well as to respond to those of others and to learn in the process. I am grateful to RZIM for providing this opportunity.


Hi Elaine,

Its great that you have decided to join.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the discussion boards :grin:.


Welcome to RZIM Connect @ElaineB


Thank you for the welcome!

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Thank you for your welcome message!

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Welcome aboard @ElaineB. Thank you for coming alongside us from New York. I hope that the forum provides you with connections and discussions that edify your faith. I would highly recommend the core module if you get a chance to take it. It changes your faith from a foundational perspective. Being able to have that foundation does enable discussions that are not possible without that kind of foundation. God-bless you and your journey. Enjoy.

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Thank you for the nice welcome! I’ve been thinking of taking the Core Module for a long time. I’m not a fast mover but I think I am ready to take the plunge!


Welcome Elaine, looking forward to growing with you!

Do it. You will never regret. Glad you are with us!

Welcome to RZIM Connect @ElaineB!

What a beautiful and impactful longing. May we both grow in these aspects as we dive into the riches found in abiding in Christ and in His Word (Romans 11:33).

Glad to have you.


Thank for the nice welcome, Dawn! I look forward to this as well!