Eliezer Rodriguez

Hello everyone.

I am Eliezer Rodriguez from McKinney, TX. Currently, I am doing the Core Module at RZIM Academy and that is how I got here. Not exactly sure about how to contribute, this is overwhelmingly huge and do not even know where to start. I’ll find a way.


Hi @renzr55,

Welcome to the Connect family. You can start by posting a question you personally seek answer to, or look up some categories of topics that interest you. (Use the Search feature if you want to read on a specific topic)

Look forward to hear more from you in the discussions.

Blessings in Christ,


Welcome aboard @renzr55. How far are you along in the Core Module? What has been your favorite part? See you are already knowing how to start. I loved the core module. It provided such a grounding that was so well categorized and substantively awesome. I hope you try to engage some out here. I know that the course has you writing quite a bit too. But I look forward to reading your posts.


Hi @renzr55, so wonderful to have you here! The Core Module is a great launching pad. I keep saying I need to take it again to refresh my memory. I think most of us feel overwhelmed at first. Take your time browsing and reading. When you feel comfortable, join in the conversations. I just dove right in, posting everywhere, ha ha. Made some mistakes but learned from them and still learning :slightly_smiling_face: No worries, take your time.