Dear Ravi,

Our journey started many years ago in a small town of Hopkinsville, Ky. I first learned of you from a Christian radio station from our town. WNKJ. As I was a very young mom, I had just started to attempt to grow in the Lord. I had been a Christian from a child but did not know of growing my faith.

I was a stay at home mom, where on paper the funds of our family, were as such I should have been working. God provided! I would have lunch each day for my daughter and then my son staring at noon. I would listen to the radio as I prepared. I first heard you speak after one of my favorite broadcasts. Focus on the Family guided me and my husband through parenting. I had kept our radio on and heard you for the first time as my first child was about 3. I knew the moment I heard you, you had God’s spirit and spreading salt and light. Penetrating through my mind and soul. I was excited, and I looked forward to listening everyday. From that day, 28 years ago, you have impacted me and my family. We moved (neat Atlanta) , I work and our children have grown up. You are still an important part of who I am. Your zeal for knowing God with your mind and living out your faith is dear to me. Believers can think!

You have an influence And an anointing. God has used you to bless us and teach us His ways and His purpose. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and our little family.

Much love and appreciation,


Hi @Elisa, welcome to connect. Thank you for sharing your message to Ravi with us. It was so beautifully said :heart: Here is a link to share it with Ravi and family

You can just copy and paste it there. I know they will be blessed by it :pray:t3: Feel free to stick around and engage here in connect :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care


Welcome aboard @Elisa. What an awesome tribute. The way you wrote that was very descriptive I could almost picture the tribute. Thank you for coming alongside us and sharing that. I hope you get an opportunity to help somebody here or offer a word of encouragement. God-bless you and your journey.

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