Elizabeth Bernhardt

Hi! I’m writing from Austin, Texas. I heard about Connect from one of the Ask Away podcasts, and I hope to contribute curiosity and encouragement and the passion God’s given me for people to know Jesus.


Hello Elizabeth @EBernhardt.
You are most Welcome to the Connect Family.

Yes! Ask Away as well as other RZIM podcast has been a source of tremendous blessings to me.
We will be encourage and blessed to receive your contributions. Be free to join the conversation.



Hello, @EBernhardt, and welcome to Connect! It’s good to hear of your enthusiasm to share the love you have received from Christ with others. I’m curious - what was the Ask Away podcast you were listening to? We have a conversation area reserved just for podcasts, and you may be encouraged to chat with others!


Hi Elizabeth!

I absolutely love the ask away podcasts!! So very great haha. I’m glad to have you with us. That God may use you and bless you tremendously


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Hi @EBernhardt, Welcome to connect! I had just mentioned to someone how much I have come to love Ask Away. Vince and Jo have helped me understand so much. I especially liked the podcast about God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. I had wrestled with that for some time and now I understand it so much better. Thank you for your heart in wanting to encourage and help others to know Jesus :heart: I trust you will be a blessing here :pray:


Dear Elizabeth
I also heard about RZIM connect on Ask Away! I’m so happy for a space where we can ask tough questions with other believers. God bless and welcome aboard!

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Hi, Brittany! This was the one where they were talking about “LGBT, the Bible, and Sexual Identity.” I really appreciate the clear love and truth blended in this podcast–and really in RZIM in general. This whole ministry has been a huge source of encouragement and training for me–even just from listening to how they have tough conversations.

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