Ellis Henricks

Hello from Ontario, Canada, and more specifically the City of Woodstock.

A close friend who has been a long time supporter of RZIM referred me to this forum.

My purpose in joining this group is to explore, with others, the links between the discoveries within the field of quantum mechanics to the understanding that the One who has created and sustains our world/universe is Him who we call Abba-Father.


Dear Ellis!

Welcome to connect!

I also love quantum physics. But I have some brain injury that only now I can read the works yet not be able to grasp the mathmatics. It will be so great to be here with you and read your post as to that which you can explain so much!

I am so happy you are here Ellis!



Hi @lshenricks, it’s great to meet you, welcome. I loved your introduction and the endearing reference to our Creator :heart: I do hope you enjoy browsing through this forum and sharing your insight :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @lshenricks. Glad you have chosen to come alongside connect. Thank you for taking on the task of quantum mechanics. As you are probably aware many have no ability to take that task on but we need a fellow christians in that quest especially to stand strong for our worldview. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome to connect, while I truly love the ultimate ABBA FATHER “Daddy”. Quantum mechanics was something I had to look up.
While I believe it is something fascinating that I can read about but not fully understand. I look forward to your posts and threads about the subject. So good to meet you brother.


Wow! This is very interesting! I’d love to know more about this! I should probably start by looking up quantum mechanics! :smiley:
So glad you’ve joined us!!


@lshenricks Nice to meet you!

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Welcome @lshenricks I am so pleased to meet you…:grinning::grinning:

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