Email Updates from RZIM Connect

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

There are two primary ways to get email updates from RZIM Connect:

  1. Activity Summary
  2. Mailing List mode


First, click on your profile picture in the top right and click on the gear box :gear:
53 PM

Second, choose the “Emails” section on the left-hand navigation bar.


Third, check the box next to “When I don’t visit here…” to enable Activity Summary. Then, select the frequency that works best for you:

digest emails

Our software is intelligent - if you have been regularly coming to RZIM Connect and reading messages, then it will not redundantly send you an email update about the messages youv’e already read!


If there is a Category where you want to get every single email from that discussion, then you want to use Mailing List Mode.

First, enable mailing list mode:

(This option is on the same Emails tab in your Profile Preferences mentioned above. )

Second, go to each Category you have access to and choose “Watching” or “Muted”. If you select “Watching”, then you will get every email from that Category. If you select Muted, then you will not receive notifications from that category.

58 AM


With this option, you will receive all the emails from a Category you are watching - just like a traditional mailing list.

BONUS OPTION: Another option? Download the Discourse app and connect to RZIM Connect.

With the Discourse app, it is easy to get notifications when there are updates relevant to your activity on the site.