Ending thoughts

Hello everyone!

I am watching here all the way from India. I just opened up this topic for all of us to come together and share our hearts to give a final comment about the GAC2020 conference.

These three days were greatly encouraging. I was reminded on day 2 as I was finishing watching the sessions, of Ravi Zacharias. He has been the one to inspire me to apologetics and strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ. Thanking God for his life and the ministry that has been birthed. Each day of the conference was interesting. I did not expect this kind of a schedule. It was fun to join along and listen to people all over the globe.

That’s something that we got to enjoy this time. Thinking about Shawn’s ‘digital neighbors’ right now. You guys were great. The RZIM is not just a ministry for me. I also see it as a place of growth, family and fellowship. This community has been and will be a spiritual family to me. I have seen how God has used every person of RZIM to connect to my life. Over the days to come, I am looking forward to grow and establish greater living relationships with each one of you.

Just a couple of mentions of the conference: Michelle and Shawn, good going and thanks guys for helping us to have that smooth flow throughout the conference. That was well done. Kasey and Matthew, hope to see you guys again, both of you make a great team. Onto the speakers, from Michael, Tanya and Abdu to Amy, Jacob and Vince, I got to hear amazing talks and each one blessed me. Thank you for your preparation and contribution. I am sure I missed other names, the other speakers and those who have worked behind the scenes. Thank you to all of you for making a comeback even in this time, to speak of a living and loving God.

I won’t take much time. Wherever we are, let’s serve the Lord Jesus. Here in India, you got me. We will continue to be a living and loving witness of Jesus Christ. Thanks and all glory to God for making this possible through RZIM. Continue to be a blessing guys. God bless.

Ben Jeslin


Thank you :blush:
More than a million thanks, I would like to say that this event has truly been a blessing :slight_smile:
But a very special appreciation for:
@CarsonWeitnauer for giving me an opportunity to be here in this platform and be able to join this great event.
@benjeslin123 for initiating this thread :+1::+1:

Greater good
I was not able to catch how many were able to join the event or access the post-event videos, but one thing I remembered: Ravi Zacharias has said in an interview that the internet and the social media has the capacity to be used for great good as well as for great evil. This conference has really been a rather great, great good use of the technology, despite some technical glitches.

There are many. But I will dwell and digest and emerse myself in this one until this truth saturate my whole being.:
Worship do not disappoint!

Congratulations, RZIM, for a job well done :clap::clap::clap: