Engaging Hebrew Israelites


(Kevin Abshire) #1

Hello RZIM family,

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the group known as the Hebrew Israelites? This cult is normally found in bigger cities around the country. I’ve done some research on them and even watched some of their YouTube videos online. I myself am becoming more involved in urban Apologetics and will at some point run into this group face to face. I just wanted to see if any has any experience engaging them and have found a productive way to do so. I’d love to share more if anyone is interested in learning details about this group which is very quickly becoming more and more popular thanks to social media. I also want to warn you if you wanted to find their YouTube videos for yourself their language isn’t appropriate for children.

Any insight would help!

Thank you and God bless

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

Hi @Kevin_Abshire
Is this anything like BLT (Black Liberation Theology)?

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi Kevin, I’ve found Jude 3 Project to have some good resources. For instance:

Does this help? Any specific lines of argument you’re wanting to prepare for?

(LaTricia January) #4

@Jimmy_Sellers Hebrew Israelite beliefs and such aren’t like liberation theology found in the many black churches. It’s very much a cult as @Kevin_Abshire said. A parallel would be like The Nation of Islam or other cult/nationalist movements in the black community.

Kevin, my best friend, as of last year, was ministering to and helping someone who was heavily involved with HI, I can ask him for some insights to share if you would like. He has far more experience with apologetics in an inner city setting than anyone else I know, so it won’t be a problem to ask him for advice and key points to remember and be mindful off.

(Kevin Abshire) #5

Hey Carson,

Yes!! That is such a great idea and an awesome resource to utilize. I’ll definitely check out Jude 3 Project. As far as Any specific arguments to prepare for, one would be discerning their interpretation of Hebrew words. for example, I watched one of their videos and they were saying that the word Gentile actually means Israelite in another land. They believe only Israelites can be saved and point out certain old and new testament verses to back up their claims. I’ve started writing down the verses they reference and I’m going to try and put together a defense based on their own arguments. Do yuo think this would be a good approach?

(Kevin Abshire) #6

Hey La Tricia,

Thank you so much for responding and I would really appreciate any insight your friend has on this subject. I’m really feeling a call from the Lord to at some point engage this group and right now I’m trying to learn as much as I can about them. The tactics they use in their street preaching make it very hard to have a productive dialogue. That being said it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. @Jimmy_Sellers I was going to say the same thing La Tricia said, thanks for asking. I appreciate everyone’s response and willing to help. I’d love to share more as I get a deeper understanding of this group and engage them personally.

(LaTricia January) #7

Kevin, part of what makes communication difficult with HI is almost the lack of common ground to start from, especially as you pointed out in the area of word interpretation. Another area is the fanaticism involved - usually they tend to be very zealous, there’s anger, there’s even hate, pity for those who they believe to be ‘unconscious’; couple all of that with the desire to be more than what they were or believed they were due to being disenfranchised and it just makes for a difficult hurdle to deal with. But like you said, it isn’t impossible. Prayer will be your absolute best friend because it’ll be needed to consistently strengthen your resolve to persevere and maintain your own faith (and even make your faith stronger in the face of opposition).

I’ll talk to my friend and bring back to you what he shares.

(Kevin Abshire) #8

you are so right, La Tricia. Thank you for your help!

(Carson Weitnauer) #9

Hi Kevin, I think that’s a good approach. For each of those questions, perhaps start a new thread so that it is easy for others to find that particular discussion. E.g,
Title: "What does the Hebrew word for “Gentile” mean?"
“Claim: xyz”
“My questions: abc”
“Thanks for any help”

I’ve added the tag ‘hebrewisraelites’ so you can use that to organize all the topics on this question.

(LaTricia January) #10

You’re more than welcome, Kevin.

(LaTricia January) #11

Kevin, his first suggestion was to check out Chosen People Ministries as a start.


(Kevin Abshire) #12

Thank you, La Tricia!

(Brandon Cleaver) #13

Hi Kevin,

Sorry, I am just seeing your thread. I am fairly familiar with the BHI’s. I began to research and interact with their beliefs after a best friend of mine became one several years. I’m certainly no expert but if there’s some specific information you’re looking for please let me know and I will assist if I can. Also, if you Google Vocab Malone or search in YouTube he is probably one of the most well known experts on HI’s that’s Christian.


(Kevin Abshire) #14

Hello Brandon,

Thank you for your response. I just found Vocab the other week and have seen some of his interactions with the HI. My heart breaks for these brothers and how they interpret the scriptures. A lot of anger in what they preach and what I see is a lot of pain behind the anger. Thank you for being willing to help me in better understanding this group. There are a few more questions I have and I’ll post them in a new thread shortly.

Thanks again for your help.

God bless,

(A S FLINT) #15

While I do not know anything about HI’s. I have dealt with many in the occult.

Interestingly, many of these folks were abused or mistreated in someway. They became angry, feeling out cast or rejected they rebelled. Sounds similar with these HI’s folks.

I just love people and be myself. I do not attack their beliefs head on because until I gain their trust through relationship they cannot even hear me if i preach, they shut down.

I have been speaking into the lives of 2 neighbors. Both at different levels of occultism. One couple are dabblers. One is a practitioner. The dabblers have Darwinism and UFO beliefs as well as various superstitions… The other person the practitioner of the Craft took a while to trust me. During the hurricane we all helped one another. My husband and I were invited to the practitioners home for Thanksgiving with their family and neighbors.While eating I offered to due her hair and she loved her new doo. I shared gently answers to some of her questions through my past experiences.

I’M PRAYING FOR THESE NEIGHBORS. I PRAY FOR THESE HI’s too in Jesus name. Please join me in prayer :slight_smile: it is very appreciated.

In each case it took time to get to a level where they spoke to me openly or allowed me in their homes, knowing I was a Christian. RZIM and my church taught me to share the hope that is in us through love.


(Carson Weitnauer) #16

Hi @Flint,

Can you share more with us about what you a) do and b) don’t do to build trust? In your mind, what does it look like to be a trustworthy neighbor? I’m grateful that the Lord has opened these doors for you to love these neighbors and begin to open up the gospel to them.

(Kevin Abshire) #17

Hello @Flint,

Thank you for the encouragement and for your prayers. I appreciate what you said about not attacking them head on without building trust. That’s something I have to remind myself about at times. I’m with Carson, I’d love to hear more about practical trust building with those that disagree so fervently.

Grace and Peace,

(Brent Hartnett) #19

Hello Kevin,
I have heard of this cult but I’m not an expert. James White from Alpha and Omega Ministries is a good resource for Hebrew Israelites. He has also debated with one of their leaders. I hope this helps.

Brent G. Hartnett

(Kevin Abshire) #20

Thanks @Brent_Hartnett, I’ll check that out.

(breakthrough media) #21

This guy “Faithful To God” debates them all the time.
Great debates…all of them! Faithful To God YouTube channel

Also, G-Man On YouTube. You will know which G-Man by the content on Hebrew Israelites

Vocab Malone and James White

Also, Vocab Malone just came out with a book on them. Look him up on Facebook it will only let me post 2 links on here

Some of these guys feature ex Hebrew Israelites who got saved as well, so you get some inside info.
I’m dealing with this first hand from an ex and we have 2 young children together. Also, not all of them curse. The sects Are splintering like crazy. Hope this helps you bro!:pray:t5: