Enrique Borrase from Costa Rica

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Hi everyone

I have really enjoyed and learned from videos made by this organization, I enjoy to grow in avenues that help me share my Christian faith with people who find reason to be a part of how they approach living. I was surprised to be thrown out of an atheist forum over definition of words, so I hope to learn how to better engage with atheists. The words that broke the straw were faith and morality


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Welcome, Enrique! You have come to the right place to be encouraged and to grow in sharing your faith in Christ. Looking forward to hearing from you on the threads.

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Welcome, @eborrase! We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. :slight_smile: I’m intrigued that you were tossed out of an atheist forum over definitions. What were they disputing with you?

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There were a couple of words and concepts that were argued … faith … atheist believe it to be a believe held without reason or proof … for a Christian it is a believe held based on trust on an idea or event for which there is evidence. Morality as the basis to ethics which are the basis for legislation. Each of these terms and the relationship between them became a problem. Since the rule of law is a universal practice - then the idea is that there must be either a morality that can be defined by homologous human groups or maybe by all of humanity. Nothing was also an issue “absolute nothing” vrs quantum nothing. SUPERnatural is open to been documented by science … yet science does not make sense of any document event … it is the human hypothesis that offers a way to make sense of documented events … things like this would provoke the forum moderators to snap at me and finally ban me

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Oh man. I don’t know the format of that forum, but it’s very interesting that they wouldn’t engage with that! Sounds like a echo chamber. It’s our hope that this community is a little more thoughtful when addressing the deeper questions of life! Blessings to you on your own journey! Looking forward to learning with you and from you. :slight_smile:

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Hi Kathleen

One of the toughest limits was I was only allowed secular peer sources

It did not always happen but that was the golden standard

Also I could not copy - paste I needed to express every idea in my own words

So I tried to establish the existence of God, the evidence of the supernatural and the reality of Jesus (on historical and moral grounds)

It was fun… sorry it ended the way it did