Entry-level book recommendation

Hello bothers and sisters at RZIM,
I’m trying to share the gospel with this coworker of mine, who is 23 years old with a Christian mother and a Jewish father (rather secular than religious). He believes there’s more to life than physical materials, and he believes there’s something transcendent above us. I started with sharing Ravi’s philosophical argument with him and he agreed with them, then I encouraged him to watch the conversation between Ravi and Ben Shapiro, and he went through a portion of it and found it quite deep and a bit difficult to grasp. For this Christmas I’m planning to buy him a book authored by Ravi, and based on my brief introduction, which book would you recommend as an entry level reading? (I thought about giving him a bible but I’m sure there’s one in his house from his mother).

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Never underestimate getting someone a bible they can understand and use to study. A study bible might be a really good start. Even though he’s more secular he might have some questions about Jesus if he has been influenced by Jewish beliefs. These 2 books aren’t by Ravi but they are by very good apologists especially Norman Geisler who Ravi studied under I believe. I hope these help some :slight_smile: