Episode 3- A Lawyer's Case for the Resurrection Part 2

This episode continues to discuss the CASE acronym, specifically the S and the E to establish the case that Jesus rose from the dead. We discuss the burden of proof once again, and how the Christian can meet the burden and then shift it onto the skeptic to try to explain what happened to Jesus.

What evidence provided in Abdul’s defense of the resurrection is most compelling to you?

How can you use it in conversations you’re having during this world crisis?


Wow! I’m blown away by this case, or rather, I should say CASE. The acronym makes it so easy to remember the points for the evidence for the resurrection. I really appreciated Abdu explaining that we have good case even if it were only had CAS! The “E” is extra evidence to an already hands down verdict. All Christians in Connect should tap into this super presentation!

The most compelling evidence is that CAS - an already won case (not a pun), is believed by most scholars. Not just Christian scholars! Why are not all believers? It must literally be jury rigged!

Skeptics saw the risen Christ and they were won over. So if skeptics can see the risen Christ in us during this crisis, they my become believers.

Well done Abdu. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story!

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