Eric Clay Horne


I’m Eric Horne from Concord, NC. I was listening to a podcast “RZIM: Ask Away”. I listen to that podcast and “Let my people think”. As soon as the connect site was mentioned, I decided to take a look. I’ve been on different forums before. I don’t go online like I used to, but I really would like to find a good community that will help me to grow and that I can contribute to. I hope to contribute where I can to those people who have questions or struggles where I might have experience. I also would just like to meet people who are going along the same path as I am.

I’m married to a wife, and I have two little people who call me Babbo (an Italian word for dad). I’m currently going to UNC Charlotte to study Computer Science. That will be my 2nd degree. I’m also working full time. I don’t know kung fu, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. The end.


Hello Eric
I’d like to welcome you to the forum- I just joined yesterday. I look forward to growing spiritually with other members across the world. I feel so happy knowing that people are so inspired to follow Christ deeply and meaningfully all over.
All the best :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, @taphntm, and welcome to Connect! Your introduction made me smile, so thanks for taking time to be playful. :smile: It’s courageous to go back to school, especially with a family. Computer science is a hot topic, for sure! I’m curious - which Ask Away episode were you listening to? We have an area for podcast discussions here, and you may be encouraged to chat with others!


Hello Eruc and welcome @taphntm

So glad you join connect. This is the community and family you have been looking for. Feel free to explore and engage the forum as you join the conversations. Ask away, let my people think and other RZIM Podcast has been a blessing to me also. All along I thought kung fu is hereditary. Hahaaa!

Nevertheless I am looking forward to learning more from you.

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Welcome aboard @taphntm. So glad you have come alongside us on this connect site. I have a computer science degree as well, but it is from 1985 not 2019. You can imagine it might be a bit out of date. But I also have similar goals that you do to contribute to this great global site. I really hope you come alongside us regularly. I look forward to reading your posts. And God-bless you and your journey.


We’re glad you’re here, @taphntm! Look forward to learning with and from you out on the forum. The end… Or is it? :wink:


Hi Brittany, I was listening to this podcast. I wanted to see what their answer was to the problem of suicide. It’s a very touchy subject, and I know too many people who have lost loved ones. I’ve never had this question asked of me personally. But I feel I don’t want to be unprepared or to say anything assuming or immature. I’ve been to a couple of funerals in the last 3 years because of this.


Oh I loved your introduction and you made me laugh :laughing: Welcome to connect @taphntm, it’s wonderful to have you here. You have come to the right place to grow and contribute. I trust you will be a blessing. Enjoy browsing and please feel free to engage :pray:t3: Thanks again for the laugh, it was a good way to start my day :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, that was a good episode. I’m sorry to hear of the pain your community has been experiencing.