Eric Moller

Hello all, My name is Eric and I recently finished the core module. I have been a believer for many years by the grace of God and am very interested in apologetics especially in the area of science. Looking forward to following the threads of thought here at connect. Peace, Eric


Welcome Eric and we are blessed to have you join RZIM Connect. I hope you enjoyed the core module course. Do you have a science background or a particular area in the sciences that are of particular interest to you?



Nice to meet you Eric!

Welcome aboard @mollere . Another academy alum joining us at connect is certainly a blessing. I hope you enjoy the forum and that you are blessed by some great dialogue. You have lots to contribute with the foundation you have from the core module. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome! Congrats on finishing the Core Module. You may find the following forum interesting!


Welcome, Eric!

Welcome Eric,
Glad you are joining us. May I suggest the book “I don’t Have enough Faith to be a Atheist” . It goes into the cosmological argument, you might enjoy it. It showed me a lot about the proofs of science for ID.

thank you…


Thanks Carey. I’ll look for the book. Peace, Eric

Hi Eric! Welcome! I’m taking courses as well. May you find these communities encouraging as you co to us on your journey. :blush:

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Welcome Eric,

Congratulations on completing the Core Module :clap:t2:

I see some of the connect members have given you a few great places to get started in the area of science. :test_tube: :microscope:

I do hope you enjoy your journey in connect and I look forward to reading :eyeglasses: some of your posts.

Here is a link that will help you navigate your way around RZIM Connect. #site-feedback