Eridu, The Tower of Babel & Genesis 1-11

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So, I’ve just started a Bible reading plan with an old friend and I had not read Gen 1-11 in a while.

I did a little googling and discovered that Ur of the Chaldeans, where Abraham came from, is near a city called Eridu. Eridu is believed by some archaeologists to be the oldest city in the world and by some Biblical scholars a candidate for the location of the Tower of Babel.

And I thought that Abraham - coming from Ur - would have had a great opportunity to read clay tablets / hear verbal stories of the most ancient histories.

Does anyone have any interesting thoughts / resources on the possible source documents for Gen 1-11?

Here is an intriguing article:

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Its funny that you posted this. I am currently taking a course on the Udmey educational site, (Romans NT Wright) and during one of the lectures Professor Wright was remarking on Genesis and the advise that he was given early in his career to get the commentaries on Genesis by Umburto Cassuto, he said that it was a must.
Short story I found a The Documentary Hypothesis and the Composition of the Pentatuch 8 Lectures by Umberto Cassuto. You can find it here

I have not read it yet but I think that if would add to the conversation and Ffrom what I am seeing this might be a 2 sack lunch read. :grinning:

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Thanks for the book recommendation!

I really wish more people who really embrace the truth of Scripture would do research in areas like the composition of the Torah and potential original sources. Or perhaps that I would find more of what is already out there!

My first introduction to the documentary hypothesis was with an OT teacher who tried to convince us none of the Scriptures were compiled until the time of the exile. In addition, it was claimed the temple system was not fully developed until later and that priests went back and edited the original accounts.

They claimed it was obvious if you read the text, but obviously I was never convinced :slight_smile:

Have you found the course helpful?

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If you are referring to the Udemy class the answer is yes. I will never be able to sit in a class taught by Professor Wright in person and get the full benefit of interacting with the instructor and the classmates, this is the next best thing. I do want to come back to your original thread soon as I believe that there is a lot of good stuff there.