Erin S

(Erin Seel) #1

Hi I’m Erin from Minnesota.

I listen to Let my people think on Faith Radio

I hope to contribute questions to the forums and read what others have asked and answered. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Renee Jeska) #2

Hello Erin, welcome!

(Tim Ramey) #3


Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m almost beside myself as I’ve been in Connect from near its beginning and I don’t know another soul from Minnesota. I live in Grand Marais on Lake Superior. My wife and I have operated a lodge up here for 40 years. If I may ask, where do you live in MN? Welcome fellow Minnesotan. I was wondering if Connect didn’t come to Minnesota because it is too cold! What would these Georgians know about cold, huh Erin?

(Daniel) #4

Hi Erin, although I’m not directly from Minesotta, I’d like to say hello and welcome :wink: It’s amazing how you can get to know others here…