Establishment Clause (Christian or Secular Worldview) does it matter?

(Keldon Scott) #1

I have a very good friend @WILLIAM_WAGNER who is an expert on constitutional law. He leads an organization called Salt and Light Global which fights from a Christian worldview for good governance in America. Ever wonder how in the world our laws have changed so drastically in the last 20-40 years? It’s a great question and concern. has a very good handle on how the secular worldview invaded the intended foundations upon which this country should rest. This short book gives a flavor of it. Should a nativity scene be precluded from a state or federal government building?

William Wagner authored a quick read book that is very worthy of review entitled “A message of Christmas,” which addresses that questions. Let’s equip. Check it out.

(SeanO) #2

I’ll have to check out your friend’s book. It made me ponder what the best way to achieve a better culture for everyone is…

I’ve been reading the chapter “Broader Cultural and Philosophical Challenges” by Joe Boot in Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith we defend by Dr. Zacharias and he made a few points that I think are salient to this conversation:

The big question that I think we need to ask in light of these quotes is - how can we address a modern culture that is a law unto itself and is deluded by lies wisely?

“Our culture’s religious allegiance is to the authority of the human mind.”

“Modern philosophy, including that which is often called postmodern, does not recognize or acknowledge that it is the heart’s commitments that control the rational life.”

“There is nothing that requires such gentle handling as an illusion if one wishes to dispel it. If anything prompts the prospective captive to set his will in opposition, all is lost. And this is what a direct attack achieves…” - Soren Kierkegard


So kind of you Kel…

(Phillip Walter Coetzee) #4

Wonderful observasion! Thank you for sharing with such great care, this helps me a lot in understanding evangelism in a sense of confronting modernity

(Kevin Manning) #5

Thanks Keldon and William,

I love the topic and will look forward to downloading and reading it.

I live in the state of Victoria, Australia. We have found ourselves with an aggressive government in Victoria which has deliberately sought to chip away at Christian influence in any way possible.

We have an election coming up in November and I find myself seeking an answer to a serious question with serious implications; “In a representative democracy, is the single vote of a Christian sacred?” I am setting aside a of personal period of prayer, fasting and research in an effort to answer this question with all of its’ implications. I might pop this up as a topic, but I would welcome input from any of you.

Thanks again. Blessings, Kev