Say hello…

Where are you from? Kenya, however, I reside in Evans, Ga.

What led you to join Connect? I’ve always loved and followed the great teachings in the RZIM ministry when I saw this platform I had to join it!

How do you hope to contribute? In any way, as God wills.

My family and I just relocated to Evans Ga. from the DMV area, can anyone recommend a great expository teaching church around this area.

Let us continue in the Great Commission until the day we shall meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you for this ministry.


Hi @Esther, great name! Welcome to connect. I wish I could help with the Church search but I don’t know much about the Evans area.

Thank you for spurring us on! I look forward to your thoughts and insight. Enjoy browsing the various topics and engage when you feel led :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, Esther! Welcome to RZIM Connect! Like yourself, I have loved following the RZIM ministry teachings. I have learned a lot from this ministry that has helped me in my own personal life, in teaching the word of God to teenagers at my church, and in times of witnessing or conversing with believers and unbelievers alike. I look forward to your contributions of insight that the Lord has give you.


Welcome aboard @Esther. I hope you are able to find a church. Welcome to GA. And we are glad you are with us. Participate as often as you can. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Esther! @Esther

So glad you’ve joined :relaxed:
I’d love to hear your story of moving from Kenya to Georgia if you’d care to share!

Friends of ours grew up there, missionary kids, and went to Rift Valley Academy- curious if you’ve heard of it?

Anyways- looking forward to hearing some of your perspective on things as you consider jumping into the forums - enjoy checking things out!