Evan Wilkerson

Hi everyone,

I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I was lead to RZIM connect through RZIM academy. I really enjoyed everything that I learned and experienced while taking the module, and so I am thrilled to now be apart of this community!

I hope I can contribute by bringing biblically rooted apologetics to each topic!

God bless,


Hello Evan,

welcome to RZIM connect!
I am also new and got here after finishing the RZIM academy.
Your contribution sounds very useful :), hope to read some of your apologetics in future!

Be blessed,


Hello, Evan, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear the Academy course was a good experience. What stood out to you most?


Welcome to Connect, Evan. I also liked the core module very much, so many exciting and challenging topics were addressed.

Everyone here can benefit from this and I am looking forward to your contributions in the forums.

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