Evangelism and Easter

Hi friends,

As we approach the Easter weekend, I thought we could encourage one another to be intentional about inviting friends and family to join us at church. And, perhaps equally important, asking our friends questions to better understand what they believe.

Some questions to get us started:

  • Who are you praying for? What are you and/or your family doing to invite people to consider Easter? Let us join you in praying for them.

  • What is your church planning to do? Encourage us with the ideas and approaches your church is taking.

  • What questions might you ask a friend this week to better understand what they believe?

  • What would hold you back from inviting someone to join you for Easter services?


Love this topic, Carson! :smiley: How encouraging to idea-swap with others around the world.

In tackling your third question,

“What questions might you ask a friend this week to better understand what they believe?”

Current events can be a neutral topic, and this RZIM article on the Notre Dame fire was interesting. I’m hoping some open-ended conversations simply asking others what the cathedral means (history, God’s glory, organized religion, etc.) may segue into Easter topics. Prayers would be appreciated for obedience, as there are some conversations I really need to follow-up on before I finish my school studies this semester.


Thanks so much for this topic!

I’d greatly appreciate prayers for one of my classes. We’re from all over the world and bring quite diverse personal and faith backgrounds, and most everyone quite eagerly agreed to go celebrate Easter at church together with lunch afterwards. I give thanks and praise to God for their willingness to come, and would greatly appreciate prayers. I also pray that other grad students in our department would join in too. It’s that point in the semester where we’re all a bit lonely and downtrodden, and many I think realize that there must be greater hope out there but don’t know where to get it.

I greatly look forward to following this thread to hear your Easter celebrations and learn more about meaningful conversations. I’m so excited for worship Easter morning, and maybe even more for lunch and conversations together afterwards.

Again, thanks for this thread and I look forward to learning from y’all and praying for you too!!


Hi friends,

I realize I should have added what I am doing!

First, our “Ask Your Question” Sunday community is going to have a conversation on the topic, “Did Jesus rise from the dead?”

Second, the church is going to encourage members to bring a friend to the class. There will be a social media push to let people know that we have a hospitable, friendly, welcoming place especially designed for skeptics and seekers to investigate the gospel message.

Third, after church, I will be at a family gathering. Please pray for deeper trust and better conversations about life in general and, as desired, the meaning of Easter in particular. I am very grateful for my wonderful family (hi Mom!) and am excited to spend time with them after church.


Our church has adopted a +1 theme for this church year. The idea of course is to come and bring somebody. For Easter, the staff for the last 2 weeks has through the Sunday School program encouraged every church member to prepare a short testimony about what God is/has/ done in their life. This has been reinforced from the pulpit and last Sunday the entire church was encourage to go out into the community to invite only unchurched folks to our Easter service and Easter program. If you were unable to go you stayed at the church and broke out into prayer groups… They were given addresses to visit. If there was no answer they left a care bag. The outreach minister reported last Sunday that we made 800+ visits. Kept in mine that this is a year long on going program.


We had a really encouraging discussion at the Ask Your Question class yesterday! A few highlights:

  • An elder came to “put an exclamation mark” on the church’s appreciation for a community where skeptics and seekers can rigorously challenge what we believe. He briefly shared his own testimony of wrestling with doubts for an extended period before returning to faith and encouraged everyone in attendance to prioritize thinking through their questions in an honest way.
  • A regular member brought a family member; we’re meeting up for lunch this week to talk further.
  • Another regular member brought some friends from work to church.
  • A great presentation on the historical evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Very clear, detailed, thoughtful, and carefully researched.

Thank you for your prayers… let us know how you are seeing evangelism take place in your church!


I’m a little late to the picnic, but will lift you up now. Our great hope is heaven. Our strength comes from the power of Holy Spirit within us, who has the power to raise Jesus from the dead! Ask for strength – for courage (be strong and courageous, have I not commanded you?) – and to feel his arms about you as you go. Talk to him, out loud (people will just assume you are talking on a mobile phone, not like the old days when you would be assumed to be nuts if seen talking out loud to no one visible) and listen for his direction. Bless you, dear, and go in peace and in His strength to love and serve the Lord.

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