Evangelism at work; how to engage in a meaningful dialogue?

Hi everyone,
Just to brain storm with you guys on how to approach to co workers or clients with a meaningful dialogue that can eventually draw them to Christ. I believe the model of ‘business as mission’ in that my business is a calling and I would like to bring everyone to Christ with every interaction if possible while we know it’s not I but God who does the work.

I made too many mistakes unconsciously forcing my belief or my knowledge upon another causing further separation or friction and we often see out there with some Christians almost similar to Jehovah’s witness or mormons. So what should we do different? How to evangelize wisely in day to day interaction with another?

Here are my thoughts based on my experience knowing that effective communication always involve relevance and connection of head to heart. Plus, as a believer, we can’t ignore the guidance by holy spirit and the wisdom of Christ.

What to watch out for:

  • trying to be too careful and end up being timid and shameful, ‘missing the mark’ (ie. too often, trying not to offend them by not mentioning Christ :confounded:, or in an attempt to create a commonality bringing up celebrity who is Christian or sometimes not even Christian like Jordan Peterson, sometimes just end up talking about self help principles rather than Christ :grimacing:etc)

  • being too passionate or eager and lose the relevance :dizzy_face:

  • not having accurate understanding of the person’s emotion or belief system

  • trying to teach and educate instead of engaging and sharing :scream:

What to know before engaging:

  • always pray before engaging in conversation and lean towards the guidance of Holy Spirit
  • always be conscious with love and understanding at heart level
  • simple storytelling approach seems to be the best (of my own experience or another’s)
  • be careful selecting the right words with accuracy in delivering the message or your intention

Most of the checklist @CarsonWeitnauer has made for a good response in the forum here are excellent resources and can be used as well.

But I would love to hear success stories of your use of apologetics knowledge you learned from here or just pure guidance by holy spirit leading another to Christ. It would be a great encouragement.

My agenda is to be effective in evangelizing wherever I am. Mostly I am at the workplace so if any of you know about any good resources or organization focusing on developing these skills, I would love to know as well. I am in a healthcare field specifically an acupuncture clinic, I’ve once heard of Christian clinician mentors who help and equip practitioners to serve in the clinic as a mission field but can’t find who they are.
Anyways it would be wonderful if you can share your insights in your faith journey to help one another here. Thank you all!


Hi to you Mr. Stephen.

What a question loaded with so much ! I feel sure when you wake up tomorrow and the next day and the next you will have a page full of very thoughtful and well researched answers well beyond me. These kind people here on connect will surely be able to assist you more than I can even imagine as they have so assisted me. Our brothers and sisters in Christ here are phenomenal.

The only thing I have to offer is something my core module moderator offered me in her kind observance. I have had some trouble with an injury to my brain. While in rehab I want to share the Word. My moderator gently reminded me, once people know you are a Christian, then everyone is watching you. And these are wise words. Because, they are indeed.

We learn here, especially in the core module, how to engage respectfully with adversity. 1 Peter15-17 ’ but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as Holy, always preparing to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you: yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good consciousness, so that when you are slandered, those who will revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame. For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will, than for doing evil.’

This is the central scripture I was taught in the core module on which your question is based kind sir.

But the beautiful thing is, your actions and daily walk often speak more than your words. As my moderator explained, all eyes are on you. So pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you so that you might be that example who needs no words, because your witness in your conduct and kindness represents the kindness and humility of our Lord. And in this way people will begin to approach you. They will want to know, what you know.

May our Father direct you on this path, and hold you in His good grace, knowing that you are already the witness in our Lord you are wanting to be.



What a word of wisdom Sanah, thanks very much for hitting the core of what it means to be Christian who walks with our Lord. Your words exude grace and kindness with essence supported by scripture which I appreciate so much.
Yes before evangelism/apologetics through engagement, our actions should demonstrate Christ. For a business owner, I must be careful how I operate my business and the care for the patients as well as my personal life whether they transparently reflect the scripture or not. ‘all eyes are on you’ mindset to me resonates a lot like David’s prayer ‘search me oh Lord, and know my heart;…’ living consciously with sober mindedness. I love your insight and God bless you Sanah.


Hi Mr. Stephen,

You’re very generous with your kindness.

Thank you for the verse. I looked it up and found it in one of my favorite Psalms 139 which now I have been re-studying . It’s so beautiful to know that God is not only in our hearts, but we are also in His from time to time …infinty.:infinity:


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