Evangelism Challenge: How The Resurrection Changed My Life

Hi @Interested_in_Evangelism,

As we continue to celebrate Eastertide, this is a great time of year to talk in a personal way about the difference that Jesus has made in our lives.

For this week’s challenge, I want to invite you to record a brief (<4 minute) video and post it to your favorite social media channel.

Call your post “How The Resurrection Changed My Life” (or maybe you can think of a more creative and interesting title!).

Also, invite your friends to reach out to you to discuss any questions they might have. That is, think of your video not as the last word but as a conversation starter. The tone is, “I’m going to be open about my life in the hopes that you’ll reciprocate and share with me what’s going on in your life…”

Then, please come and let us know in Connect how it went! We’d love to celebrate with you. You can also consider us as your free, personal team of backup research assistants for any hard questions you get.


I just posted mine tonight. Hopefully God uses it in some way.

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Please let us know of any responses you get!

Will do! So far it’s just a couple encouraging comments and “likes/reactions” from believers, but no questions.