Evangelism Feedback

Every once in a while when I see some comments on YouTube claiming Christianity beeing wrong, I engage in a conversation. I just wanted if you want to give me feedback of my comment some hours ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9x-JkK5goc&lc=UgxsXaySmAH4rFOZHhd4AaABAg.8ec0aemr2p_98jOL--3nrf
With this Link, it should be the 3rd subcomment (and the highlighted subcomment) of the first comment.

Thanks in advance!
God bless you!

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@gabrfr thank you for taking the time to respond to this person.

I think your tone in your reply was loving and care for the questioner came across.
I think your response to the timeline of when the books were written was also very good.
One thing I suggest is that you might provide links to reliable sources for the questioner to look further into should they wish to.

This post by @CarsonWeitnauer provides an excellent checklist for making a good reply to a question online. It has some excellent points to consider, the primary one in my opinion being to spend time praying about your reply.



I did provide differnt link, didn’t I? And yes, prayer it vital!! I normally pray more than I did this time …