Evelyn Praveena James

Hello Everyone!

I’m from Chennai, India - moved back from PA, USA.

I got connected here after a webinar I attended in April, 2020.

My heart is for lost non-Christians, whom I hope to witness to beyond praying for them. So, need support to do that as God leads!


Hello Evelyn and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. It is great to read of your heart to evangelize to non-believers and to find ways to lead them to Christ. I know the burden can be great at times to try and do more to convince people of the truth and hope that is found through the Gospel message. I am sure you will find Connect a loving and supportive place to ask questions and to enter into discussion with fellow believers.

God bless :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Evelyn. I hope this community will prove beneficial in your noble aim of witnessing to non-believers.

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Welcome Evelyn, glad you are back.

Hello Evelyn, welcome to connect may you enjoy your fellow searchers of truth as we grow in Christ. God bless your desire for the lost that is His heart in you. Did the lost draw you back to India? May He grant you success within your calling. Be safe in Christ alone.


That is a wonderful burden, @evejam74 - you can always begin with your own testimony and let the conversation go from there. You really don’t need any special training to tell your own story - you’re already the world’s greatest expert on how you were saved!

May God guide you as you fulfill your burden!

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