Evolution or Creationism

As a christian myself i believe in creationism but today our scientific community (particularly atheist scientists) has moved to such a height that their theory of evolution is something i cannot completely ignore. We know evolution doesn’t explain the origin of life, the origin of universe, etc. but it does have some touch of reality to it. Can something please share a thought on that?

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Hi @Tsapise, great question. Yes micro evolution is real and reproducible, the question rises when one talks about macro-evolution (Darwinian theory). Here are some great replies from before.

Hope it helps.
God Bless.

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Tsapise, I agree wholeheartedly with what Dan says. Studying some of these things like the age of the earth, evolution, the big bang, and stuff like that is very enjoyable to think and talk about but has absolutely zero to do with your salvation. The Bible tells us clearly all throughout the New Testament what God expects us to do to warrant His forgiveness, and believing in any particular answer to any of these things is never one of the criteria.

That said, I personally believe that there was simply not enough time between the last cataclysmic event on earth which wiped out all life, and the time more advanced life forms started showing up again for macro-evolution to be plausible.

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I’d recommend John Walton to you as well. The bible was written for us not to us. He tries to think like ancient cultures and answer Genesis out of their eyes. His views are debated but it is still a voice to be heard. I just recently read “The Lost world of Genesis One”. If you prefer videos, I’d recommend Inspiring Philosophy on Youtube. He summarised a lot of Waltons views pretty well.