Ewurama Ababio

Hello to Ravi and the entire family here. I’m happy to be a part of what God is doing here😊
I’m from Ghana

I joined after I watched a YouTube video dubbed “am I just my brain”

I mostly hope to learn and contribute what understanding from Gods perspective I’ve gleaned over the years.
My topic is- the significance of christianity in a post-modern world


Hello @Emy_Ababio, it’s so nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to connect. Enjoy browsing through the various topics. Feel free to start a topic by clicking on the three bars, top right by your profile. There are several categories to post in. Christian Growth, Daily Evangelism and Bible questions. You can also use the search engine to look for discussions relevant to any questions you have. Looking forward to reading your perspective, take care, and enjoy browsing :pray:t3:


Hello, Ewurama, and welcome to Connect. It is great to hear of your hunger to know God more deeply. “Am I just my brain?” was a neat talk. Have you checked out the discussion we had on it- would love to hear your thoughts!


Hi @Emy_Ababio,


I think there’s a major shift from passively watching an RZIM talk to actively thinking about it, discussing it, studying it, and reflecting on how that material could strengthen my own walk with Christ or start a conversation with a friend.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to really solidify your understanding of faith and prepare you to be an effective witness to Christ’s resurrection.


Welcome aboard @Emy_Ababio. Glad to have you with us from Ghana. Great topic you have. What is the significance? I would love to read your perspective. These are the types of discussions that are so very important. Thanks for joining. God-bless you and your journey.

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