Excited For The New Journey!

Hello everyone!

I live in sunny Florida.

I have been impacted by Ravi since my college years at Moody in the 90’s.

I hope to be able to share a bit of my walk with Christ and growth in His Word. I am super excited to hear others’ perspectives and growth.


Welcome @Heidi2020. So glad you are here. Amen to all your wishes. Look forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless you.

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Hi Heidi! Welcome to the RZIM community from halfway around the globe, can’t wait to get to know you more and learn from you:)

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Welcome @Heidi2020! So glad you’re here!

I like how you recognized that there will be different perspectives as we all are in different stages in our walk with the Lord, but regardless the stage, we are all seeking to deepen that walk with our Lord and to encourage and learn from one another! I appreciate your heart and perspective and am looking forward to reading what you have to share!


Hello Heidi, welcome to the RZIM family.

Wow, you must have learned a lot from him. I appreciate Ravi very much, especially his unique personality and his warm way of dealing with people.

The member testimonies could be interesting for you. Just have a look.