Explain Romans 11:32

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Explain Romans 11:32

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@johnjohn You may want to move your question over to the Daily Evangelism section. May I ask what prompted you to ask this question? Was there some specific scenario or theological issue at play?

The short answer is that Paul the apostle is explaining, just as he did in Romans 3:23 (all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God), that both Jew and Gentile are in need of God’s mercy. The focus of Romans 9-11 is on the relationship between God’s plan for the Jewish nation and the Gentiles. Paul says that Israel is like a tree chosen by God and that both Jews and Gentiles can be added to the tree through their faith in Christ or removed from the tree by their rejection of Christ.

Hope that is helpful to get things started.

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Explain what John?

It would help me (and others?) to follow the discussion if you could be more specific.