Explanations for Live-stream

(Eileen Dumont) #1

Hi Eliya here, I am needing instructions on how to connect to the livestream. After searching on my own I honestly do not know what I am doing! Can someone please instruct moi. Thank you.

(Brandon Jeffers) #2


Sorry for the confusion. Have you already registered for the livestream? If not, you will need to be signed into RZIM Connect (if you don’t have an account. you can create one for free here). Then purchase individual ($30) or group ($100) access.

Once you have registered an account and purchased access, you can access the livestream here.

(Eileen Dumont) #3

Good morning Brandon, to answer your question, yes I have gone through the registration process and payment. So al I need to is click on the link you sent?
Sincerely Eliya

(Brandon Jeffers) #4

That’s correct. The provided link will lead you to the CLC event page. Once there navigate to the post containing the “Church Leaders Conference Livestream.” Please let us know if you need further assistance.

(Eileen Dumont) #5

Okay, I will go look, I am not swift when it comes to technology. It is much younger than I!
Thank you. Eliya

(Eileen Dumont) #6

Good evening Brandon, I am trying to tune in to livestream, but I cannot, is it finished
Sincerely Eliya

(Carson Weitnauer) #7

Hi @Eliya,

All of the talks were professionally recorded and are archived here for those who have purchased access (like yourself!):


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