Exploring Jesus' difficult questions

Dr. Jo Vitale explores the question that came from Jesus’ lips that “gets her every time”–a question that shows Jesus as wounded and vulnerable–and she asks, “What does that question mean to us today?”

The reason that so many of his followers abandon him is simply because they find his teaching to be too hard.

People don’t want to need God they want to be God.

They wanted the stuff Jesus could give them but they didn’t actually want him and when they didn’t get what they wanted they walked away.

What that sometimes reveals is that our faith has been dependent on our circumstances rather than the one who transcends all circumstances.

If we find ourselves thinking, “oh no I might have to settle for God!” we clearly haven’t understood who God is at all.

Make it personal:

  • What are some ways you find Jesus’ teaching to be “too hard”?

  • What are some ways you could deepen your relationship with God today?