Extending Life Expectancy and Eternity

(Roshan bhagora) #1

Hi everyone,
My question is that now-a-days more research and works towards extension of life is seen. Wants to increase life span by medicines, new home as Mars (elon musk).
Is this step towards immortalness?
Does this questions on eternity(life after death)?

(SeanO) #2

@Roshan I believe that current scientific consensus is that at best we may be able to extend the human lifespan by a few decades - and not in the immediate future. Entropy (loosely using that term) will get us in the end. So, I do not think that research into the extension of life is impending on eternity in any significant way.

Christ is still the only Way to eternal life :slight_smile:

Third, according to a 2007 review paper in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging entitled “The Aging Process and Potential Interventions to Extend Life Expectancy,” there is no single cause of aging and more than 300 theories for why cells deteriorate and stop dividing. The authors are thus led to conclude that “to date, no convincing evidence showing the administration of existing ‘anti-aging’ remedies can slow aging or increase longevity in humans is available.” And the SENS Research Foundation Web site admits: “No currently-available medical intervention or lifestyle choice has been shown to affect the basic human aging process.”

let’s not delude ourselves into believing radical life extension is around the corner

Regarding man traveling to potentially inhabited planets (if such things exist, I like Lewis’ response to a similar question:

Wirt: Do you think there will be widespread travel in space?

Lewis: “I look forward with horror to contact with the other inhabited planets, if there are such. We would only transport to them all of our sin and our acquisitiveness, and establish a new colonialism. I can’t bear to think of it. But if we on earth were to get right with God, of course, all would be changed. Once we find ourselves spiritually awakened, we can go to outer space and take the good things with us. That is quite a different matter.”

Book on the chances of there actually being life ‘out there’:

(Roshan bhagora) #3

"Once we find ourselves spiritually awakened, we can go to outer space and take the good things with us. That is quite a different matter,"Lewis.

Thanks @SeanO for explaining.

(SeanO) #4

@Roshan Glad it was helpful. I really like that quote from Lewis as well - makes me look forward to the day when Jesus reigns and humanity is redeemed. A universe of love and glory and righteousness - uncorrupted and undefiled - filled with the presence of Christ.