Faith of a Child

So many words of Jesus transcends space and time, His stories/parables are honeycomb to the soul, time and again nourishing my heart.

Consider His words of children in this passage: Matt 19:14 “Suffer ( allow/permit) little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

There is an innocence(pure of heart) that little children display, alas, many if not most of us lose that as an adult, and yet, Matt 5:8 tells us that those who are pure of heart shall see God.

I often ponder, pray and meditate about how could I get my heart to be like this and to my amazement, God in His amazing love for us, allowed me to experience it first hand.

I should like to share a story about Faith, as taught to me by my 5 year old son:

Many years ago when my sons were little, we all enjoyed taking a trip to the local toy store. I suppose I did not grow up much as far as toys, because quite frankly, I loved playing with them as much as my sons did!

Now at the time I had 3 young boys, Jeremy, 4, Jason, 5 and James 10. We were all excited and off to the toy store we went. Upon entering the store, I always let them go and look for the toys they were most interested in, so off they went. I myself went looking for my favorite toy.

As time passed, sometimes one would say, “Hey daddy, look at this one, or what about that one?” So many great toys, we all could not wait to get home to play with the one we choose.

Now, out of the blue, I heard a loud bang. The next thing I heard was one of my sons crying very loudly. I was alarmed and as I started to race to where the crying was coming from, my 5 year old son Jason came running towards me, hand on top of his head, tears flowing down his face, crying profusely and in great distress.

I immediately ran to him and gathered him up in my arms and I said, “Jason, what’s wrong, what happened?”.

He was obviously in great pain and in between his sobs, he blurted out, " Daddy, as I was looking at a toy and when I went to stand up, I busted my head on the shelf"

I was so upset for him and my friends, what happened next was something I truly believe came from God.

I put him down, wiped the tears from his eyes and I said, “Jason, show me where you hurt your head” My son pointed to a spot on his head and I reached down, kissed the spot on his head and I rubbed it and I said, “Jason, it is all better now, it’s going to be ok”.

What Jason did next is what I have kept in my heart from that moment.

He looked up at me, smiled and said, “Thanks Daddy, I knew you would make it better.” And as he said that he ran back to the toys and was as happy as could be.

Now folks, my kisses and rubbing his head did not take the pain away, but it did not matter to him, all he knew was daddy would make it ok. He did not care about the pain and he was back at looking at toys as if nothing happened.

That moment in time is forever with me. I use it on myself every time I am overwhelmed with uncertainty, every anxiety, or pain, difficulties that I am unprepared for arise, when my heart aches for concern for my children, things that I cannot solve myself, I remember Jason and I go to my room, get on my knees and I cry out to The Lord and give my concerns to my Daddy (Abba) in Heaven and regardless of the pain, or the outcome, I know that my father in Heaven is touching my heart like a kiss from heaven and holding me in His arms and telling me that everything is going to be ok.

My faith is renewed because God demonstrated how it should be through my son.

My friends, God is showering all of us with His love even now, we just have to have faith of a child to believe it. I pray for each of you that you believe it as well! :slight_smile:

Peace and Grace


Will remember this! Thanks for sharing that story from your life. As an adult we have both learning and unlearning to do! Kids have much to teach us!

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God does liken us to Children and He is our Father. He is not only our sin bearer but our daily burden bearer. (Psalm 55:22) God is our immovable Rock our strength, fortress, refuge, salvation. He carries us on wings like eagles. This is just a tiny view of Who and What He is for us! In the person of Christ He is our High Priest. He is faithful and just! He does hear us when we cry. The Spirit is interceding for us this very moment. God is working everything out for good for those in Christ!

I just wanted to say all this because You correctly likened God to a Father and one who welcomes Children.

It definitely is Childlike faith that God welcomes and accepts.

It is a child-father relationship with God that He desires and that we actually have with Him! We are adopted. We are free but still sons etc… Be encouraged brother! May the Lord allow You to cherish Your relationship with Your children. They are a gift from Him! Now may the Lord keep You and bless You and make His face shine on You!


Greetings, Lakshmismehta, I do so enjoy this site and having each of Christ’s children, no matter how old they are, share their hearts with one another, I believe that in doing so, it is true church. Alas, many local Christian groups from various local churches never get close to doing this, tis a very sad thing indeed.

I believe that when we do share our hearts, we grow more than we could ever imagine. Perhaps that is why many Christians do not grow? Relationship, like a family, is the key, not a corporate relationship or an acquaintance or a friend relationship, but a brother sister one. I am blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of what this ministry is doing. Hope you are having a blessed day! :slight_smile:


My dear Brother Chad.Berry, you are so right, amen to what you said, to know what the word Abba truly conveys, to keep all our days as simple as possible and to bring to our Father, Daddy in so many ways, what we have done and shared and to know that deep, deep in our hearts we do not want to break Daddys heart and we should rather endure great hardship than to cause Him to grieve. It makes me cry when I think of all that Christ endures so that we can be called the children of God and that we as Christians so be living in so much joy, regardless of the circumstances, to know that the two most evil things that plague of us in life: death and sin, have already been taken care of and we can now live free, with peace even in adversity. To run, frolic, sing, laugh, be silly, act like a child and let the world see so that like the Day of Pentecost , the secular world can look at us and ask, what does this mean? Acts 2:12. If, by the grace of God, we can speak from our hearts the purity of what Christ has shown us, they too would want to be His children! Kinda a kewl thing to hope and believe that it can happen! I do so pray that the lost know Him, they surely do not know what they are missing! But, that is a story for another day… sounds like another post coming up! ha ha Have a blessed day!

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Amen and may the peace of God guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus! Read revelation 3:20 Behold I stand at the door and knock… I know it’s spoken to a church but it’s another illustration of the intimacy of Christ with His people. God wants to draw us near! Like a little Child!

Reread Your reply! Hallelujah brother for the world to see Christ! For them to see us living in unity! This is what distinguishes us from the world. Jesus said we would be known by our love for one another! :pray: Not only on this forum but in our local body and daily interaction with other believers! Amen Amen!

Greetings @Jae_Charles_Call, Good thoughts! I would agree with you. It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy the hospitable culture and openness on this site. Carson and the moderators have done a marvelous job at creating this culture of safety which has allowed openness in sharing from many faithful believers on this site. It’s so important that how something is shared and how it’s received are both done in the wisdom and love of God. I was reminded of a discussion a month or so ago about the lack of openness in Christian groups which may interest you.

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Thanks Lakshmi, I shall peruse the post, much appreciated.

Have a blessed day!


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Thanks so much for giving me a beautiful reminder that God is there for me forever, kissing away my hurts. Right now I am going through a very difficult time regarding having to break away from a relationship and Resort to being single for as long as I live. Your imagery of God kissing my hurt is comforting.

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My dear sister in Christ Priscilla,
It is moments like this that begin to touch our hearts and let us know just how much God loves us, not in a Theological way, which He does, but more so in our ever present Father, rushing to us like the father of the prodigal son, always wanting to reunite with us.

I once knew a lady who went to seminary and she stated that the key to relationship with God was obedience. Oh how my heart cried out and I said, "It is love that The Father sent His son and it is love that He longs for us to realize that our sins keep us from Him.

The takeaways that I got from my son are:

  1. As soon as he was in trouble or hurting he already had me in his heart and believe without thinking that I was the source for his need for help. We must do the same with our Father, is He already in our hearts us trusting and believing He is an ever present help in time of need. Psalm 46:1

  2. He did not hesitate to bring his pain, troubles, hurt to his father but immediately ran to me, his father. He knew that I loved him and had compassion for him. We must believe the same about our Father in Heaven. Psalm 103:13

  3. He believed that I could fix the problem. We too must trust God to help us. Jer 33:3

  4. After hearing my words, he did not wait until the pain went away to begin having fun again but trusted my words. Do we trust God? Heb 11:1

We too should live this way, every day, as a child believes in his heart the love, protection and care that his father has for Him. It is a loving bond we cherish deep in our hearts.

One of the closes books that I have read that conveys this thought is a book by John Eldredge and Brent Curtis called Sacred Romance. Do yourself a blessing and get a copy and read it slowly, digest what the author is conveying, savor the words, try to envision yourself in similar scenarios.

If you are awakened to the hearts longings for the Father, you will see God in a whole new light, not regimented, fearful (our fear is in awe and admiration, not in the fear of the unknown), loving, compassionate.

I shall continue to pray for you to experience the love God meant us all to have!

Peace and grace my friend!

Priscilla, I am keeping you in prayer and pray for God to help you feel His presence, His love for you. I shall share my own experience with you: I was in a relationship that was not God honoring and at the time, it was difficult to get out of. But through my tears and breaking of my heart, I prayed that God reveal to me the true nature of His Love.
That was many, many years ago, more than 2 score, and I have been happily single to this day. As a single person, we can enjoy the love of God every minute and it is much easier to be aware of Him throughout my day. I pray that you experience His love for you as all that we really know of love, is not in the flesh, but in the spirit. Once you experience this, you shall be amazed at how much joy you have! I do so pray this for you! Blessings my friend