Hello Everyone :raising_hand_woman:t2:

I’m from the Philippines.

Since my husband’s passing 2 years ago, I’ve never felt more passionate to lead my son (20 yo) and daughter (8 yo) into a growing and loving relationship with Jesus. This is especially challenging at our current status for they miss their dad so much. And although we are Christians, it’s a new path we are taking especially for me as a mom. I’m more of a learner and willing to be guided by the insights I hopefully could gain from here.
My love for the next generation is also why I decided to join. I have a qualms or jitters because I don’t know how this works but I am willing to try for my children’s sake.

I intend to participate by asking questions or points of clarifications.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL and GRATEFUL for your kindness and love… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @farrah, welcome to connect. My heart goes out to you and your children :broken_heart: I am so sorry for your pain in losing your husband and your kids their dad. I trust you will find conversations to glean from and also speak to others with similar pain as yours. Losing a loved one so dear is a “perspective changing” experience for sure.
Reach out anytime for prayer and support :pray:
You will get the hang of how things work here, no worries there. You may have already looked through the tutorial but just in case, here is a link :slight_smile:
Take your time and enjoy browsing :slight_smile:


It is awesome that you have found connect @farrah. I hope that you are able to find discussions that not only intrigue you but also are helpful for guiding your children. It is good to have you here. Please explore. The more you navigate the pages the easier it becomes. Start out by maybe encouraging a new member or just read if you would prefer. Thanks for joining us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Farrah, please accept my condolences for your Husband, and Father of these two children. May Christ grant everyone peace and comfort in the seasons that lie ahead. So glad to have you reach out for direction and guidance as your heart yearns to teach in the way they should learn. Do not hesitate to ask any questions as we all have many and many here are ready to help and encourage you on this uncharted path in your life.



Hello @sig,

Such a warm welcome.
Deeply appreciative of your support!
You made this avenue to connect less intimidating for me :blush:

All the best,
Farrah :heart::raising_hand_woman:t2:


Thank you, sir, for the warm welcome. :sparkles:

Best regards,


Thanks, Mr. Scott, for being gracious.

Looking forward to learn, ask and share some thoughts using this avenue.

Have a pleasant day or evening ahead…


Hello Sis Farrah. Welcome to Connect. I really am so glad every time I see a Filipino joining Connect:-) I’m sorry about your loss. I guess the pain is still there for it’s only 2yrs ago since you lost your husband. Sending my deepest sympathy to you and your two children. Losing someone you dearly love is the greatest trial in life. I also experienced it when I lost my beloved sister 8 years ago now.

"My love for the next generation is also why I decided to join" – This is great sis! I love it! . We really need to have a burden for the next generation.May the Lord bless your heart. :pray: :heart:


Hi Leny,

Deeply encouraging words you have.
I’m equally pleased to find another fellow Filipino in this avenue.