Hi all
I realise that I need to get into the spiritual disciplines in order to close to God. One spiritual discipline I want to focus on is fasting.

I plan on fasting for the following:
To get the answer for what God wants me to do as a vocation.

To enjoy Him more and more and being in His presence.

To be able to be accepted for YWAM at Kansas City.

I wanted to ask, is there a specific kind of fast that I need to do in order to accomplish all three, like 10 days, etc. ?

Is it still possible to be able to do exercise, say like a 10km run, whilst fasting on a meal a day?


Hello, Vili. This is a great question. There are no hard and fast rules to fasting, such as how many days it should go on or even what to fast (it doesn’t necessarily have to be food; it can be anything that takes up a good deal of our time in life), and sometimes fasting will not result in answers to specific questions, especially if for some reason God wants us to wait for an answer or wants to stretch us to lead us to deeper levels of trust in Him. The primary reason for fasting is to get our focus more on God rather than have questions answered, though there are times during a fast that answers may come.

None of us here, as far as I know, are doctors, and no one here is your physician who would know your state of health, so it is outside of our limits to be able tell you whether or not you could do a 10km run while fasting a meal for a day. Therefore, I would recommend asking your doctor :slight_smile:.

It seems you were expecting some more definite answers, so I hope this helps you somewhat. To my knowledge, there are no biblical mandates or instruction as to specific numbers of days of fasting for different issues. That is between you and God.

Praying that as you fast, your relationship with the Lord will grow deeper in ways that you’ve never imagined!


Hi Vili! @AlphaOmega
I agree with Lindsay @psalm151ls

Fasting is a great way to draw near to God, and let go of the worry and sense of control we have over things- that really are not in our control (i.e. getting into YWAM Kasas City- so neat, by the way, that you are going for it and seeing how God leads).
Rest in His timing, and His perfect plan- I think fasting is a great way to draw near while you wait.

Be blessed, Vili :slight_smile:

PS- good question about the 10k…in my experience as a runner-food as fuel matters, so maybe take a walk instead? :wink:


Thanks, @HeidiMitchell. Yeah, I thought the same thing as you about the run, but I’m always a little hesitant to give any advice on something like that. I’m not a runner. I did kickboxing which involves both strength training and cardio, and I definitely would not miss a meal and try to do that, but I have no idea about running :slight_smile:


Thank you guys
I finished my fast, and it’s been wonderful: one of the things I was able to do was experience God more when reading His word, and being more satisfied with Him than with anything else. I think I’ll do that more often (say twice a week) just to get closer to feel His presence.

On another good note…



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Thanks for the update, Vili! @AlphaOmega
Congrats on getting into YWAM! What an exciting door God has opened for you.
Your fasting experience is encouraging, as well! That sounds like a wonderful plan to put it in place a couple times a week to draw nearer to Him.
I’d love to use fasting more often, myself…thanks for being a good reminder of how helpful it can be!
Be blessed, Vili :slight_smile:

I know I’m late to your question, but I do want to say how awesome it is that you committed yourself to a fast to connect to God on a deeper level! I’m a big advocate for the spiritual disciples—such incredible and oft forgotten ways to share the heart and mind of God. I read a book for a course on the spiritual disciples titled “Fasting: Spiritual Freesom Beyond Our Appetites” by Lynne Baab. She’s an incredible teacher if you’re interested in looking deeper into fasting as a spiritual practice I highly recommend the book! Congrats on YWAM too!

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