Favorite Books, Articles, Websites, etc. for Discipleship and/or Evangelism

Hello, Everyone! I am personally looking to build up my little library of books and other resources on anything Christianity related here at home. As you probably know, the number of books, articles, journals, etc that come up in a Google search on any subject can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult and frustrating to sort through it all to find the best and most reliable resources. I thought it might be considerably helpful for me, or anyone else looking to expand his/her library of resources on different topics within Christianity, if some of you could share your favorite books and references here. I think it will be helpful to start out with one or two specific topics for now, so what are your favorite “go-to” books (or even online articles or websites) on evangelism and/or discipleship? In addition to listing your favorite books, it would be helpful if you could tell us a little about why those are your favorites. Looking forward to reading your responses!