FE Moody

Say hello…

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect? I am excited to connect with others and share questions, thoughts, ideas and grow in our Christian walk together.

How do you hope to participate? read and participate in forums.


Hi, FE, welcome to Connect. I hope you will find the community here very welcoming. Hope you will share your questions, thoughts with us and look forward to growing with you.


Hello! Welcome to RZIM Connect @FEM


Welcome to the connect @FEM! This is a great place to grow together in the pursuit of truth. May God bless you on this journey!


Thanks Joanna I am taking a class now and have that forum that takes up a lot of my time but there sure are some interesting discussions here.

Thanks for the welcome eymyao

I live in the Pacific NW. Not sure why I did not answer all the questions above. I think that I prematurely hit the return button to send it off before I was finished.
I am currently taking another class (started Engaging the Modern World) at RZIM online so a lot of time is going to be there. There are a lot of discussions going on there just after one week! Hope to pop over here once in awhile too. It is good to see and hear from others and grow in the faith.


Thanks domingoosabel

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Welcome to connect @FEM. Thank you for being with us. Glad you see the benefits of connect already:

That is exactly what this forum is all about. I hope you enjoy the discussions and engage frequently. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thx Keldon. It is great to be connected in some way this year. Life has changed so much w/ Covid etc. Glad to meet you. Blessings

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