Fear and Intimidation by Robert Cook

Hello everyone. I was born in California and moved to Georgia in 1969. I was saved in 1973 but after a church hurt as a very young baby in Christ I decided that if the way I was treated by the church I was attending was Christianity I wanted no part in it. In 1996 I had a dream and when I woke up I was delivered from alcoholism and began again my walk with Christ. Since that time I have written three books. I spent 8 years studying the book of Revelation, 4 years studying the doctrinal beliefs and historical events of the early church for the first 300 years and I spent about 4 years studying Islam and the Quran. All three books are self published and do to the crash and burning of the publishing company I used only one book is still in print. I need to add the words “Breaking Through” to the title but the title at this time is “Fear and Intimidation” Reaching Out To Muslims About Christ, and is available on Amazon.
I attend Fellowship Bible Church and the Pastor is Loritts Crawford and a friend of mine told me about the conference on the 18th of this month and it sounded like something I would like attend. I have been looking for brothers and sisters who are like minded with me about reaching out to Muslims locally. I have found that if you know something about Islam and the Quran, Muslims are appreciative of that and will have a conversation with you.
I don’t know if or how I can contribute to RZIM ministries as of yet. Which is why I am attending the conference to see if your ministry might be one I can fit into.

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Welcome to connect @massorite7 :slightly_smiling_face:

The conference, Understanding and Answering Islam, involves one of my favorite speakers, Andy Bannister. He has a keen whit and holds solid answers for todays questions concerning Islam, the Quran and apologetics.

The conference looks to be packed full of great topics and with your years of study, I know you will enjoy brothers and sisters seeking that which you seek as well. :tulip:

I welcome aboard @massorite7. Your background looks very diverse. So glad that you have dedicated yourself so much to the Lord’s work. I truly believe you will be able to help many here. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.

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