Fellow Christian Believes we are always saved so we don’t have to pray daily

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Hello Moderators!

I was having a discussion with a fellow Christian (a good friend who is married) and believes he doesn’t have to pray all the time or repent for “small” sins such as looking at another woman. My question to him was, “Do you think God would be pleased if you are silent towards him for a month, as an example?” He replied, I don’t think it would be a problem.

I also asked him if it would be good to not speak to his wife for a month. How would your relationship be at the end of that month? He didn’t really answer that question but felt the Holy Spirit will convict him in any sin (I guess he means “check” without him having to ask for forgiveness. And communication God thru reading the Bible is sufficient since he is “receiving his word.”

I was trying to find specific scripture for the lack of prayer/conversation with God.

The title topic goes deeper as he believes the earth is flat and that the rapture might not actually happen until the 2nd coming.

Just would like some insight on the prayer discussion If the extra topics are suited for another post.

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @Foundationiskey,

I think the relationship example you gave, or the one you currently have with him are a great examples. For instance, let’s look at the opposite as the solution: spend more time with him in prayer and God’s word to see your relationships grow as fellow disciples of Christ.

For me, this one is a little hard as I don’t have the perspective that you have in talking with him. Do you feel he earnestly wants to do the right thing by the Lord, or wishes to uphold divisive beliefs and wants someone to affirm him in them? If it’s the latter, I’m curious what could have pushed him into this direction, while rationalization is something we can all struggle with in a desire to affirm ourselves. There was a time I personally struggled with the same overwhelming impression of trying to keep up with every little sin in order to be perfect, that I turned to a loose, Ecclesiastical lifestyle (Eccl 8:5), which led to much more sinful living and some darker days in my life.

I think Paul speaks well to this perspective of how fellow believers should work at being holy as God is holy:

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 NASB
[24] Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. [25] Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. [26] Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air; [27] but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified.

Our faith is definitely not earned by works, but there is so much in our broken world that distracts us from the truth. The aim is not so much in willing oneself to be perfect, but to better attach ourselves to the One True Vine that gives us our spiritual fruit, enabling us to live holy lives. It’s a part of the process of Christ’s sanctification in us to seek out holiness in the right way rather than trying to either force it, or just idly not doing anything. Firstly, we cannot be like Him by ourselves, so I see prayer and studying the Word as the primary lifeline to becoming Christlike: to fill myself with Him as I’m already too full of myself, and the rest of the world. Secondly, it is with a humble Spirit that I wish others to also desire greatly to worship the Lord through their prayers and study of His Word.

Is there a possibility to encourage this friend by doing a Bible study together (like maybe Romans) that may perhaps soften his heart to the truth, which may encourage him to leave behind foolish teachings? This could be an opportunity to put into practice what you already know to be true, and help him get aligned with a similar heart as you strengthen each other in the Word of Truth.

Praying for your words and heart as you help out your friend! :slight_smile:

(Richie Soto) #3

Thank you Andrew.

He is definitely open to a Bible study. In our conversation I stressed if we are going to try and recite scripture (which was a trrrible job on both sides) then we must use reference the Bible to be on point. He agreed. Just as I am open to hear him out on the “flat earth” concept he is open to fellowship. Thank you again.

I will start with Romans.


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(Heidi Mitchell) #4

Hey Richie! @Foundationiskey

I think Andrew @andrew.bulin gave such a great and thorough response to this question…

One thing that I’ve often pointed out when in conversation about prayer (lately, with my kids)- is the relationship with God- just as we talk and check in with each other… wouldn’t it be weird to just show up in heaven without actually knowing the Father who lives there?
The way you responded to your friend:

In my opinion, this concept is about as close to home of a question you can get. Most people can relate to the importance of talking with those we call friends and family.

Hopefully, he takes your input to heart, and allows you to join in a Bible study together…to reach that depth of really knowing our Lord.

Thanks, Richie! Be blessed as you seek to encourage your friend.

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(Kathleen) #5

Hi @Foundationiskey! I wonder if it would be helpful to ask him about how he understands what it means to have relationship with God? One of the things that has struck me recently is that when we do not think that what we do or who we are ultimately matters to God, then we will remain distant from Him. If prayer is merely conversation with God, then we will not approach Him in prayer to develop that relationship. This could be for many reasons - we’re afraid of what God might say to us, we think we’re a waste of God’s time, we don’t think we’re worthy to approach God, we want to be self-sufficient, etc. It might also be helpful to ask him what he thinks God is there for? What’s God purpose - what’s the point of Him in relation to us?

There is something underneath the passivity that your friend is expressing; it just may take a while to get to it. So do keep gently trying to understand where he’s coming from! :slight_smile: