Fellowship and prayer

I have been struggling lately and I believe I just need more interaction with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and re God’s precious Word.


Me too , Just keep on a daily path talk to Our Father Jesus


Hi, @Kathleen-77!
I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling though some things. Anything in particular we could be praying for? Just so you know, this forum is public, so you can answer (or not!) as generally or as specifically as you wish. :slight_smile:

You may also be interested to join the @Bible_Memorization_Group or the @Interested_in_Prayer group? They are one of the more active groups who lift up one another’s burdens to our heavenly Father.


We are made in His image, and before creation the Father was in fellowship his His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Earlier today my sermon topic was on fellowship and in Acts 2:42-47 Paul outlines the ideal Christian community.


Lifting you up in prayer right now @Kathleen-77. May the Lord fill your heart with thoughts of peace, give clarity and surround you with brothers and sisters who can encourage you in Christ. May your time in His Word be a time of blessing. In Jesus name.

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