Femi Moito


(Femi Moito) #1

Hi everyone. I’m Femi. I’m a Nigerian currently living in Wisconsin (where the weather totally contrasts Nigeria’s :slight_smile: ) I recently completed the Core Module and I’m enrolled in “Engaging the Modern World.” Both courses have greatly enriched my understanding, and the defense of my faith, as well as expanding the reasons “why I believe what I believe.”
I was born of a muslim dad, but my mum was a christian. Although my dad was very liberal and didn’t force anyone of us kids to choose between religions, I believe it was the divine purpose of God that made it possible that I ended up as a christian. I also lived in a community where 85% of the people were practicing muslims for the greater part of my childhood and adult life. This translated to having many of my dearest and closest friends as muslims. My experiences resulted in two things 1) It developed a very deep conviction of my faith within me 2) I am unable to see people of other faiths as bad people or believe that they deserve damnation because we do not share similar faith.
I followed Dr Zacharias’ teachings for a few years, before intentionally joining the RZIM Academy. I needed to learn how to best to articulate my beliefs and faith in a manner that would not be offensive, so that I can gain the attention and trust of people who need to hear the gospel of truth. The RZIM Academy has been a very spiritually enriching journey for me and I pray that God will grant me the courage and boldness to take His word to people who need to know him.

(Joshua Steele) #2

Hello Femi,
I also live in Wisconsin! Where in the state are you located? if you cannot share for some reason, no problem. I live in Burlington, which is south of Milwaukee and west of Racine.
I am also considering the Core Module, but have other studies I am doing right now. Your testimony is inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

(Femi Moito) #3

Hi Josh. Nice to see another Wisconsinite in here :smiley:
I live in Marshfield, which is in North-Central Wisconsin, about 40 miles South of Wausau. The Core Module was a great learning experience for me and I would definitely encourage you to consider it. Best wishes with the degree program and God’s guidance as your ministry call unfolds.

(Megan Kemp) #4

Hello, Femi, and welcome to RZIM Connect!

How has what you learned in the Academy helped you to, as you said, “gain the attention and trust of people who need to hear the gospel of truth”? What specifically about your learning have you most applied?

Again, welcome!